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Spa Pedicurist Technician Stool

Spa Pedicurist Technician Stool

Euro Palm Customer Chair

Euro Palm Customer Chair

Ergo Pro Technician Stool

Make a solid investment in your health with this technician chair designed to promote healthy posture and support. The ErgoPro™ Technician Chair is the most advanced ergonomic tech chair available for the prevention and relief of musculoskeletal problems. Offering you a balanced sitting position and proper upper body and lumbar support, this chair will help you meet the demands of your day, comfortably.
• Contoured seat promotes proper upper body posture and reduces back strain
• 18 inch wide polyfoam seat cushion is very comfortable and provides correct weight distribution
• Adjustable height seat allows for a multi-purpose stool; designed for use at pedicure AND manicure stations. (Telescoping column height range is 16" x 20")
• Unique 27 inch long swing arm can be positioned in front of technician for body and arm support or behind the tech for back support. Movable and removable tray keeps implements and other items within your reach
• Color available: in a wide assortment of upholstery colors to match any décor
• Made in the USA of quality components

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