Anchorage Pedicure Chairs

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Anchorage Pedicure Chairs


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Anchorage Pedicure Chairs

Spa Chairs to Anchorage from the Lower 48

Spa Chairs to Anchorage, AK

Pedicure Spa Superstore is highly knowledgeable with Salon Equipment strategies for Anchorage. We want to sell you products that last the longest as a priority. We have a list.

Sea cargo is usually the best method for shipping. USA to USA from Seattle leaves 2 times a week for POA. You can pick up your equipment at the dock or we can train it to Fairbanks. Our picks for the journey will be coupled with necessary spare parts also for future success. Call us. We know our Anchorage customers.

Arriving Possibilities Twice a Week

We Love Our Anchorage Salons!

Anchorage Pedicure Chairs

Cleo RMX Pedicure Spa Chair

We Sell Workhorses Like the CLEO RMX on Purpose.


The City of Anchorage Rules for Salons. Check.

Optional Features Include Auto-Fill.