Flagstaff Pedicure Spa Chairs

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Flagstaff Pedicure Chairs

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Salon safety starts with equipment.

Flagstaff Pedicure Spa Chairs

Tourist based pedicure chairs.

Spa Chairs Flagstaff

Pedicure chairs to Flagstaff and the decision to purchase should be based on keeping the tourists safe. Newer regulations require pipeless pedicure chairs and a UL certificate. This means that there is always a concern for keeping your staff, your customer and your reputation safe. When people have their body parts in water and that water is connected to electricity, you could have a recipe for disaster. Over time, some very smart Vietnamese people have taken said accidents and improved the product all-together. Pipeless motors do not have any working parts touching the water. Lights in the bowl are restricted to very low electric current. Auto fill is located under the chair. Buttons have been changed to use air to turn on and off. The last part is your responsibility. Use zip ties to ensure there are no wires touching the floor under the chair. Any questions call our office.

Can you get shocked from using your pedicure chair?

Does my button use electricity?

Flagstaff Pedicure Chairs

ANS Pavia Pedicure Spa Chair

Modern fiberglass workhorse from ANS


Are there wires touching the floor?

Staff, Customer and Wallet Safety