Greeley Pedicure Spa Chairs

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Greeley Pedicure Chairs


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Greeley Pedicure Spa Chairs

Greeley Pedicure Chairs for Salon Owners

Spa Chairs in Greeley

Help yourself and help your salon by calling Pedicure Spa Superstore. You will speak to another salon owner on the phone. Together you can select pedicure chairs and salon equipment that fits your needs. You can purchase chairs that will last 1, 2, 5 years and more. If you need plumbing or no plumbing options, we assist you with the local regulations in Greeley. We assist you with ventilation and auto-fill. Do you want liners in your pedicure bowl ? Take the time to get consulting and become more knowledgeable about the products you are buying. Call Pedicure Spa Superstore Sunday through Friday.

Offering Glass, Crystal, Hard Roc and Fiberglass Bowls

What colors are your salon?

Greeley Pedicure Chairs

Atlantis HT-045 Pedicure Spa Chair

A Beautiful Fiberglass Option from ANS.


We Carry Hard Liners and Soft Liners

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