Honolulu Pedicure Chairs

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Honolulu Pedicure Chairs

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Honolulu Pedicure Chairs

Honolulu Shipping and the World of Salon Furniture

Spa Chairs to Honolulu

Inter-island shipping from Honolulu is mainly your responsibility. Pedicure Spa Superstore will ship direct to Honolulu. You can pick up your shipment just like mail from the port. If you are going to ship it further, the other islands will require another freight forwarder. We ship to port only. You pick it up or arrange for additional handling. We only ship new chairs that are UL certified with Hawaiian regulations. Please note as storms and the shipping lanes can cause delays. Call anytime.

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Honolulu Pedicure Chairs

Cleo Day Spa Pedicure Spa Chair

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