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Logan Pedicure Chairs

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Logan Pedicure Spa Chairs

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Spa Chairs Logan

Many pedicure chairs sent to Logan have a crystal bowl. Crystal is the hardest substance out of all the pedicure chair bowls available. Most bowls last a lifetime but on occasion a customer can break them by standing in the middle. Liners for crystal bowls are normally hairnet liners that place over the bowls. Certain manufacturers sell their own hard liners for their spa chairs on a case-by-case basis.

Our process for Logan is simple. We help you select a pedicure chair with options you will enjoy for years. Your pedicure chairs are assembled to order. Your pedicure chairs are tested for 3 days and an inspection sticker is issued. A shipping company picks your order up on pallets and drives to your location. You install your pedicure chairs which come pre-assembled. You pass inspection and everything is good.

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Logan Pedicure Chairs

Gulfstream Kimberly Double Bench Pedicure Chair

Canada's Best Pedicure Bench.


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