St. George Pedicure Spa Chairs

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St. George Pedicure Chairs

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LTE Delivery is Luxury to St George.

St. George Pedicure Spa Chairs

Your Always Covered by the Freight Company.

Spa Chairs St. George

Trucking liability and the shipment of pedicure chairs to St George, Utah. Giving your time to the truck driver upon delivery is very important. We have a shipping video on our shipping page that outlines everything you need to do on delivery day. Pedicure chairs have already been tested and approved for quality. Once on the truck, the manufacturer has already taken a video of your shipment.

When the pallets arrive, you need to video the outside of the boxes so a comparison can be made if there is damage. The LTE service carries their own insurance. Your order is important and quality is expected. The trucking company cannot go inside your salon but once in awhile a tip may go a long way. Shorter distances can be a deciding factor in purchasing pedicure chairs. Ask our office anytime for assistance.

Freight is based on number of pallets.

Shipping costs include the cost of the pallet

St. George Pedicure Chairs

Gulfstream Camellia Pedicure Chair

Easy Under the Chair Access Panels.


Look at our shipping video on the homepage by pressing the shopping button

We are here to help you with distance based decisions