There is a direct relationship between the amount of money spent on spa image and the type of clientele that will walk in your salon's doors. Spas and Salons as an industry are always based on image. The way your spa or salon welcomes visitors aesthetically is very important. As your salon hits various benchmarks in service, we will help you hit the benchmarks in spa image. From pedicure chairs to salon furniture, we will help your salon work towards a competitive pristine image.  

In business since 2007, Pedicure Spa Superstore has been focused on providing customs, freight forwarding, and import/export services for your pedicure spas from a global focus to a local luxury. Pedicure Spa Superstore is your Wholesale Pedicure Chair Distributor. Whether buying in bulk or simply needing to ship your pedicure chairs locally; we are here to show you how the professionals shop.

Represent yourself well by using our reputation to deliver your spa equipment in a timely manner. "Where the Professionals Shop" is well reinforced by distributing world class pedicure spa manufacturers like Continuum, J&A, Gulfstream, Whale Spa, European Touch, T4, Lexor, Salontech, LC Corp. and more.

Our showroom offers you a one stop opportunity to see, feel, and compare product lines in comfort and style. You will have a renewed vision and new inspiration as you enter our pre-arranged equipment and furniture settings depicting various product lines and style preference.

Let Pedicure Spa Superstore's professionals guide you in your spa décor decision. Call us and feel free to ask us questions on our entire product line. Our staff is friendly, courteous, and knowledgeable. You will enjoy our expertise.

Pedicure Spa Superstore