International Shipments for Pedicure Chair Policies

We take pride is saying that we have shipped pedicure chairs all over the globe. Red tape, customs, barges, and freight, each country carries challenges to overcome. Our policy is simple. For international orders we ship only pedicure chairs. Each chair arrives to you sealed from the manufacturer with a customs bill attached. International shipping takes time so please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Pallets are delivered to commercial addresses only. You must be present for delivery. Shipping costs are calculated by either door2door shipping or door2port. Door2door shipping is the complete delivery with duties and fees included. We also have door2port shipping. Some countries require that international shipping stops at the port. You will need to arrange your own pick up with an agent. There you will pay duties and fees accordingly. This option is open for everyone; however in some cases it is required. All payments for international products are made via wire transfer with No exceptions. It is not our policy to ship parts internationally, but will help expedite your needs through a manufacturer. Our hours of operation are Sunday through Friday 10-6 Pacific Standard Time. You can contact us at 1-888-237-5168 or by email at We follow your order step by step. We keep you informed. We are Pedicure Spa Superstore: Where the Professionals Shop