Las Vegas Pedicure Spa Chairs

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Las Vegas Pedicure Chairs


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Bring luxury to your salon with consulting

Las Vegas Pedicure Spa Chairs

High end plus longevity is our business.

Spa Chairs Las Vegas

There are two strategies for Las Vegas. High volume or high end. What you are looking for is the ability to service as many customers as you can without ever having to service your pedicure chairs. Las Vegas also brings in high end tourists. What you are looking for is the wow factor in a pedicure chair. You want the best massage. The best glass bowl. Ipad holders are a must. Heaters and other style factors that go into setting your salon at the highest echelon that they will brag about. Also equipment and nail furniture. These are huge style factors. All white. All black. All wood. All steel. Everything pass inspection. You need consulting and options. We know the best brands with the best results. We know the brands that will keep you in business with no service needed. We know our colors. Call today for some ideas.

Safety is the most important

Style is the most important.

Las Vegas Pedicure Chairs

ANS Tiwala Pedicure Chair

Very high end option from ANS


Longevity is the most important.

Serviceability is the most important.