Sparks Pedicure Spa Chairs

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Sparks Pedicure Chairs


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Bright colors make your staff happy.

Sparks Pedicure Spa Chairs

Massage pedicure chairs are all different.

Spa Chairs Sparks

Take the time to review your color needs. We suggest as professionals to use the color wheel located at If you can match your paint with the middle color, then you can easily pick your next swatch by math. Color selection for pedicure chairs in Sparks Nevada is tricky. The earth-tones of desert style need some sunshine yellows or early morning blues to make life bright. Only a few manufacturers offer certain bright color. It is nearly impossible to go through each one to find your perfect swatch. Asking one of our office staff will make your life easier. A number is assigned to each color; sometimes the number has letters in it. Just copy the number and email or text us the code. We will look up your swatch and give you options.

Will blue make you feel better?

Will yellow make you happier?

Sparks Pedicure Chairs

ANS Waverly Pedicure Chair

One of the Few Pink Options for Your Spa


Did you check your salon color wheel?

Would you prefer earth tones?