Olympia Pedicure Spa Chairs

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Olympia Pedicure Chairs

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Determine if you will use liners today with our staff.

Olympia Pedicure Spa Chairs

Liners can be mandatory, ask your city hall in Olympia.

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City Hall can have a large affect on how you purchase your pedicure chairs. Olympia local administrators can simply change their minds and you will have to change. To prepare or to be ready for a salon industry change, many owners choose to buy pedicure chairs with liner option. If you stick a liner in a regular pedicure chair, the whirlpool will not work. The liner is in the way. You have to purchase a magnetic motor to use a liner. The magnetic fan can be placed inside the liner to move by magnet.

Motors can easily be swapped in most pedicure spas. When speaking with a salesman, tell them you are interested in what liners cost. Liners cost between .10 and 1.75 per liner. If you are in a luxury area, many customers want the hard liner. Advantages exist in each type - hard, soft and hairnet. Call anytime to see a live demonstration of how the whirlpool works in our showroom.

Liners cost between .10 and 1.75 for 1.

Olympia could change the rules anytime

Olympia Pedicure Chairs

Gulfstream Paris Double Bench Pedicure Chair

The double bench offers 24 inches of saved space.


Magnetic motor is easy to install

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