Kent Pedicure Spa Chairs

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Kent Pedicure Chairs

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Kent Pedicure Spa Chairs

Your Pedicure Chair Selection May be Based on Base Length.

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Saving space in your salon makes decisions important based on how long equipment is. Buying new pedicure chairs, Kent salons may need to worry about how long they are. Many people go for the bench option because of space. We aren't always a fan of that decision. Shorter and more compact pedicure chairs do exist. Many of these styles of pedicure chairs have tuckable or drawer pedi bowls for easy storage out of the way. Some homestyle salons also need to be able to make their space needs forefront in the purchasing process.

What we ask at Superstore is to give us your dimensions. Put a salesman on video and show them your space. We can help you against the regulation of Kent and Washington or anywhere. Our live video conversations are the easiest ways to get something accomplished with certainty. Call us 7 days a week.

Length is determined from the wall behind the pedicure chair.

Benches are not always recommended.

Kent Pedicure Chairs

Gulfstream La Rosina Pedicure Chair

Canada's Foldable Pedicure Chair.


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We have pedi bowl drawer options