Federal Way Pedicure Spa Chairs

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Federal Way Pedicure Chairs

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For assistance taking off the back cover call our service department.

Federal Way Pedicure Spa Chairs

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Spa Chairs Federal Way

Many people find it helpful to look at serviceability when buying pedicure chairs. Federal Way is far from most experienced repair men. Your pedicure chair must be reliable and serviceable. Most of the insides of your chair are under or in the back of your spa chair. Noticing the little details matters a ton. If your equipment is higher end, than the manufacturer has more budget to include in fine details.

The most important detail is removing the back plate of your backrest. Behind your chair, you can easily purchase a spa with no access. When parts fail, an upholsterer is needed to remove the front to access the massager. A better value spa will unscrew in the back. A high end spa will unclip with easy access for tools and even fold down for better viewing. Our full showroom has many options for you to choose from. Ask for a live video visit over the phone or by text message.

Low Budget Big Problems with Service.

High end means easier to service

Federal Way Pedicure Chairs

Gulfstream Mariposa 3 Pedicure Chair

Two Toned Based with Swivel Butterfly.


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