Salt Lake City Pedicure Spa Chairs

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Salt Lake City Pedicure Chairs


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Warranty options are always free.

Salt Lake City Pedicure Spa Chairs

Purchasing good means no headaches.

Spa Chairs Salt Lake City

If you take the time to learn about pedicure chairs, Salt Lake City will have a new set of pedicure chairs that will last forever. The reason we carry a warranty on our products is if something doesn't work when you plug it in. Most pedicure chairs above the 2400 range last for years. Some have parts that last forever. Some have parts you cant find. So there are still decisions you need to make within your budge. Calling and talking it over with a previous salon owner or master serviceman at Superstore will educate you today. We sell the best. We recommend the best. We offer and push you in the correct direction. We stick with you for years. Call today.

A Warranty is for the first year.

We do offer financing options

Salt Lake City Pedicure Chairs

Whale Spa Alden Crystal Pedicure Chair

Great for black lovers


Glass requires liners

Liners require magna jet