Sandy Pedicure Spa Chairs

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Sandy Pedicure Chairs

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Ask about all our warranty options.

Sandy Pedicure Spa Chairs

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Spa Chairs Sandy

Your warranty information is very important. Just like a vehicle, purchasing 10 pedicure chairs to Sandy can be pricey. You will want to know all the do's and don't's of what needs to be done. There are types of service that will void the warranty so you need to know this information. General warranty is one year if any major component fails. Warranty is also included for parts needed during this time period. If you aftermarket or "modify" your pedicure chair, then you may no longer be eligible for your warranty. This is generally the case for people who do not get plumbing options they need.

You should be aware of all types of features before you finalize your order. Factory installation is precise. Electric and water is not a good combination; leaks are 100% preventable. Call anytime to review your warranty paperwork.

One year warranty on parts and service.

Factory installation is precise

Sandy Pedicure Chairs

Whale Spa Renalta Pedicure Chair

Very Compact Space Saver.


Water and electric dangerous combination

Make sure you order is correct