Scottsdale Pedicure Spa Chairs

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Scottsdale Pedicure Chairs

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Create a technician driven salon by purchasing well.

Scottsdale Pedicure Spa Chairs

Bring better technicians to your salon.

Spa Chairs Scottsdale

Utilize a purchasing strategy for your staff. Many pedicure chairs to Scottsdale can be purchased with your technicians in mind. Wands, hoses, stools, carts and trolleys are not created equal. The way your customer puts their foot on the pad and the height of everything needs to be considered. As your staff are more comfortable, the quality of your salon product increases. So many features can be added and purchased to increase the happiness of your workers. Take a tour of our technician driven pedicure chairs by requesting a video conference inside our showroom. Your staff will appreciate the focus on their health and well-being. Picking up the phone and requesting information is the first step. Contact your favorite company Sunday through Friday to get started.

Better Technicians in Scottsdale Arizona

The correct purchase is based on height.

Scottsdale Pedicure Chairs

ANS Ion V Pedicure Spa Chair

Newest Model of the ION Series


Flexible height of feet are important

Better stools and tables are a necessity