Surprise Pedicure Spa Chairs

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Surprise Pedicure Chairs

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Service is a major player in buying Pedicure Chairs.

Surprise Pedicure Spa Chairs

You need a service friendly salon.

Spa Chairs Surprise

Service oriented pedicure chairs to Surprise. You know that your salon is busy. Busy means operational day-to-day service needs to be done on your chairs. Three things to have easy to service pedicure chairs. Ensure the back of your chairs have zippers. Massage units need to be well accessible. Ensure that your chair can be accessed without needing to flip the chair. Access panels are available. There are also chairs with no base which may be of interest. Ensure that your plumbing is not direct. Floor sinks are the suggested method of salon plumbing. If your chair is direct connected to the plumbing, eventually the pipe smell will come through to the customer. With floor sinks, the chair discharges the water into the ground and air can dry the insides of the chair. Service will require to flip the chair also. Call to discuss this option for your salon.

Make sure your massage unit has a zipper

Make sure you have access panels.

Surprise Pedicure Chairs

ANS Katai V Pedicure Spa Chair

With Easy to Access Service Area


Floor sinks are important

Do not direct connect plumbing