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Tacoma Pedicure Chairs

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Tacoma Pedicure Spa Chairs

Adding Technology to Your Pedicure Chairs.

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Your customers are not trying to shut off during their salon trips. They want their own personal time with their phones. Technology can be added to your pedicure chairs. Tacoma allows for great 5g service. Help your customers out by adding a tablet or phone holder to their spa treatment. You can offer them a tablet they can screen share with. This allows for them to view their phone on the provided tablet.

Having TVs playing offers your technicians some excitement. But the average salon patron is there only for themselves. The holders fix to the armrests or are built in. You need to request as much information about the newest pedicure chairs as possible. Features change so rapid to keep up with technology. So many new brands. So many new accessories available to attach to an arm rest. Wear and tear and upgrades. Call for information.

Tablet holders are ready to ship.

Phone holders for your pedicure chairs

Tacoma Pedicure Chairs

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Keep up with technology

Your patrons want personal time with their device